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    • Fulcrum Red Metal 29 XLR Rear 6-Bolt UST Disc Wheel
    • With the Red Metal 29 XLR, Fulcrum brought their racing pedigreed wheels to the big wheel platform
    • Fulcrum blends the lightweight for which their high end wheels are known with quality engineering so you know the wheel you’re riding is constructed with durability in mind too
    • The Red Metal 29 XLR features triple machined rims, which gives you no spoke holes on the rim bed for increased wheel strength
    • Then, they throw on some stainless steel spokes with varying thicknesses to improve lateral stiffness and cut weight where they can
    • Then, they lace it all up to a durable hub with stout 20mm axles to give the wheel that last little bit of beef you need for every day trail riding or racing

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